Although I have been going to Montage since high school, I have a continued appreciation for the tastiness of their food as well as the set-apart atmosphere that they offer.

Montage is best known for their out-of-this-world mac and cheese menu–that’s right, not one, but many kinds of mac! Traditional “old” mac and cheese, spicy mac (with a cajun gravy), or “spold” (half traditional, half spicy; my favorite option) as well as some more adventurous ones, such as pesto. Not only is this mac delicious (my favorite in Portland, now that Velour has closed), but it is also very affordable–around $6-$8.

This last time I ventured to try some other items, and found that they have some tasty vegetarian gumbo and jumbalaya options, and Jon swears by the “mad good” chicken fried steak.

Of course, my favorite part is the creative tin-foil structures they construct for your leftovers (see our most recent takeaways, pictured)—each visit means a different animal! Just be prepared for a slightly dated, “edgy” 90’s feel—aloof servers, kitchen staff yelling in the background, sitting close to people you don’t know, and potentially a wait.

See Montage’s website for more info